At Home or in the Office...

What does a consultancy in Feng Shui consist of?
Each consultation is unique based on your birth date, the plan and the direction of your home or office. Each intervention is confidential, personal and based on the changes you want to make. This may include change for yourself, your relationships, children, reputation, health , work, or (and ) prosperity.

It is not always easy to know what changes we need to make so you can make an appointment to talk over what you are looking for.

For the analysis I need a plan and orientation of your home or office and the dates of birth of all persons to be included in the intervention.

Once the solutions are ready (usually within about 2 weeks ), we make an appointment to discuss the solutions.

Once you have made the changes I will check up to ensure sure everyone is enjoying the harmony and happiness you were looking for.

Methodology used:
Compass / orientation
Symbolic forms and Animals
Flying Star

Consultancies can be carried out via Skype or virtual class

Contact me: 713 562 4575 or

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