Positive Energies

Purification space or in other words "Cleansing of Space"

Each home, office or shop keeps the emotional charge of the former occupants. For example if you move in to a new home you may not know what happened to the previous occupants, did the move on to better things or did they have to move on because they 'had' to.  Each place can hold positive or negative energy. The idea is to replace the old energy with your new refreshed energy.

To replace the energy we use a purification ritual which absorbs the old energies through salt, bursts them with sound and purified though incense.  This new energy allows us to start from scratch!

Here are some examples of when we need to purify: We move into a new home where we know there was a divorce, great sickness, or career troubles. When expecting a new baby. When a member of the family is leaving, or returning.  And of course the New Year.  Energy of the past will continue to play for the future.

Some of the issues that can affect you from past energies are: nervousness, frustration, fear, aggression, anxiety, stress, arguments. Purification can replace negative thoughts into positive ones.

When should l consider purification?
After a physical change:
At the beginning of pregnancy and after childbirth
A sickness
After an emotional change:
· Adolescence · Separation · Depression
After a life-changing experience:
· Moving home   · Work: promotion, dismissal, retirement · Change of life · Change in life orientation

What I feel after? Remarkable results are felt on health and wellness obvious that both the psychological and physical.
· A sense of well-being
· A general lightness
· Balance, serenity, inner peace for all people
· Increased productivity and desire to move forward
· More energy

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